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Dusty Cruiser Flying into Toys “R” Us locations →  July 8, 2014

Hey Mobo Fans! The new cruiser on the street is The Mobo Tot Disney Planes-Dusty edition. Parents can be at ease with its safe and durable ride which makes exploring fun. While these cruisers will have all the same safety features and specifications as the original Mobo Tot, Dusty’s likeness is captured to watch the [...]

Mobo’s Next Stop: Kids Choice Awards →  March 18, 2011

The Mobo Cruisers was a great hit at the GRAMMY AWARDS, we were one of the Top Brands who got the opportunity to join the backstage Talent Gift Lounge.  It was definitely a great ride, but buckle up your seat belts, because the Kids Choice Awards is right around the corner.  We’re only 2 weeks [...]

A Random Sight of Happiness in Santa Monica Beach →  February 23, 2011

We found a pleasant surprise at the Santa Monica Beach last week: a boy having fun on the Mobo Cruiser.   It is always joyful to see a stranger having fun with your product at a public location.  Our goal is to improve the lives of customers, so it definitely warmed our heart when we saw [...]

After a successful GRAMMY Event, Mobo is back in business: improving the lives of others →  February 21, 2011

The reason we wanted to sponsor the GRAMMYS Talent Gift Lounge is to share the joy of riding the Mobo Cruiser with the world. Sure, having celebrities ride our product is totally cool, but our number one priority is still (and always will be) to improve the lives of customers and make people smile.  That [...]

Exclusive Content: MOBO at the GRAMMYS Video Series →  February 16, 2011

Mobo Cruiser was an official sponsor at the 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards Backstage Talent Gift Lounge. This is a great honor as only 20 brands got he opportunity to present their products at the lounge. Many of Hollywood’s biggest stars came to meet the Mobo. Check out how much fun they are having in our [...]

GRAMMY Winners All Rocked the Mobo during the Weekend →  February 15, 2011

Congratulations to the 53rd Annual GRAMMY Winner, Arcade Fire, for taking home the Album of the Year Award. We had the pleasure of meeting the band’s members as they took turns cruising on the Mobo at the GRAMMYS Talent Gift Lounge. In honor of their triumphant weekend and for the enjoyment of all Mobo and [...]