2018 Travel

With 2018 already closing out its 1st month, I have yet to ask myself where I should travel this year.

It’s thrilling to be confronted with so much possibility – but daunting, too.  When I sit down and research possible destinations, I first listen to recommendation and then I look at places that are on the forefront of global conversations.  Between heart-stopping destinations or indulging myself in history, the list of destinations are endless.  I’ll go ahead and list some sites that can help break down some top spots to check out!


Lonely Planet:  Best in Travel 2018

US News:  The World’s 30 Best Places to Visit in 2017-18

The New York Times:  52 Places to Go in 2018

Architectural Digest:  The Top 35 Places to Travel in 2018

National Geographic:  Places You Need to Visit in 2018

The Telegraph:  The 20 Destinations You Must Visit in 2018


Safe Travels!

Gina S


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