The Benefits of shopping online

The holidays are almost here with Black Friday just around the corner, that means the rush to buy presents is almost upon us. This year I’ve decided to do all my Christmas shopping online, no more lines, no more head aches and no more searching for a parking spot at the mall for half an hour. There are quite a few benefits to shopping online, so many so that many people have switched to buying their goods online. A recent study showed that many more consumers have made the switch online, with many ecommerce stores vying for business. So what are the main benefits to shopping online?

Lower Prices

Since many ecommerce sites have lower overhead costs than brick and mortar retailers they can offer their prices at lower costs to consumer, a study in 2004 showed that prices online were an average of 6 to 16 percent lower than prices at traditional retailers. Sometimes you can save a little more if the ecommerce site is out of state, you won’t have to pay sales tax, and depending on your area, sales tax can be quite expensive.


Shopping at local retailers can be quite a hassle. Long lines, limited hours, less selection and like I said above, sales tax. An online store is available at any time of the day from any computer connected to the internet. You’re free to shop whenever you want from the comfort of your home. This is perfect for those who are busy with work and their families or those who are not able to go to retail stores as often such as the elderly or handicapped individuals.

Online Coupons

Going into various retail stores to shop and research a certain product can be very time consuming, doing the same on an online store is much more convenient and easier to do. You can easily research and compare prices and features of various products. Online stores give consumers the ability to quickly research products and provides them with much more information.

Increased Selection

Retailers have a limited amount of product they can carry, because of logistics and space it is impossible for retailers to carry every color or version of a product. An online store doesn’t have as much of the space and logistical restraints and can therefore offer consumers increased selection. And in most cases, if they don’t have a particular item in stock, they’ll be able to order it for you.

Environmental Benefit

Driving to the store for every little thing can not only take up a lot of time, it can lead to more fuel use and air pollution. Instead of travelling to the store all the time, purchasing items online can help save the environment little by little. Online shopping also reduces the amount of packaging and paper used for goods and for print catalogs.

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