The bike that riders of all sizes can enjoy

Kids love bicycles, but the trouble with buying a bike for your kid is, they always outgrow them! And they usually outgrow them fairly quickly, which ads up. And these days many parents simply can’t afford to buy their children a proper size bicycle every few years. But there is a simple solution to this, the Mobo Three-Wheeled Cruiser!

The Mobo cruiser all feature adjustable frames for riders under 4′ on the Mobo to well over 6’2″ on the Triton Pro. The Triton Pro is also rated at 250lbs so riders of almost all heights and weights can enjoy. From small children to teens, Mom and Dad, they can all ride the same Triton and Mobo Three-Wheeled Cruiser. No other bicycle or tricycle on the market can be enjoyed by the whole family like the Triton can!

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