Bike safety tip: Always wear a helmet!

If you’re like me then you probably don’t always wear a bicycle helmet when you should. It’s a bad habit that we all must kick, wearing a helmet when riding a bike is of the utmost importance. Some people don’t wear bicycle helmets when they go riding because it doesn’t look cool, or because they’re plain lazy. But when they need it the most they’ll wish they had worn that helmet to protect their noggin.

Studies show that kids will wear a helmet if their peers do, so be sure to practice safe cycling with your kids when they’re young so that they pass this safety knowledge onto their siblings and friends. Here are a few stats relating to bicycle safety and helmet use:

– 716 bicyclists died on US roads in 2008 (698 in 2007, 1,003 in 1975)
– Bicyclist deaths represented 2 per cent of all 2008 traffic fatalities.
– One-seventh of the cyclists killed were between 5 and 15 years old.
– 52,000 bicyclists were injured in traffic in 2007 (Up sharply from 43,000 in 2007)
– Average age of a bicyclist killed on US roads: 41
– Average age of a bicyclist injured on US roads: 31
– Bicyclists 15 and under killed: 93. Injured: 13,000
– Bicyclists 16 to 34 killed: 168. Injured 20,000
– Bicyclists 35 to 54 killed: 270. Injured 13,000
– Bicyclists 55 and older killed: 179. Injured 6,000
– Alcohol involvement was reported in 37% of 2008 deaths.
– Nearly one fourth (23%) of the cyclists killed were drunk. (BAC over .08 g.dl)
– Fatal crashes typically were urban (69%) and at intersections (64%).

The professional’s wear bike helmets, and you should too. It is a fact that wearing a helmet during a bike accident will significantly improve your chances or surviving or walking away from a crash all together. So be sure to wear that helmet!



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