Declutter and Organize Your Day

I find that reducing clutter helps to reduce stress and aids in a more efficient day.  A clean workspace or room helps to clear your mind as you start each day.

Many people may feel overwhelmed by the amount of time and work that may go into decluttering a space.  Let’s take a look at some small and simple steps that we can take to accomplish this and brighten up the day.

Step 1: Set a Goal

Which area would you like to tackle first?  When and how much time would you like to dedicate to organizing this area?

If you would like to concentrate on bigger areas or a room, divide the area into smaller sections and choose one section to start. Try to set a time where you can dedicate yourself to finish within the same day.

Step 2: 80/20 Rule

There are different ways that 80/20 rule is applied.  However, for organizing and cleaning purposes, I like to use it in terms of efficiency.  Start by putting in 20% of your time and effort to complete 80% of the task.  Start with tasks that will take minimal time but achieve a greater organization and impact.  For example, by making the bed (20% of your time and effort), your bedroom will look 80% cleaner and more organized.  I feel that by getting 80% of the cleaning done first with only 20% of my time and energy is a motivation to finish the rest of the decluttering at hand.

Step 3: Organize

Creating an organizing systems may seem complicated but to reduce clutter, simplify to three categories if possible.  For your home, you may use (1) Keep, (2) Recycle/Donate, (3) Trash.  For your office, (1) File, (2) To-do, (3) Trash.

Step 4: Enjoy your organized space!

You’ve set your goal to declutter and you did it!  Enjoy your more efficient day; do all that you’ve set out to do without the unnecessary stress of clutter; and feel free to revel in your accomplishment.

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  2. concentrate on bigger areas or a room

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