How to Lose the Turkey Weight After Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks to all our blessings we’ve enjoyed during the past year, it’s also a time where many of us pig out and gain more weight than we want to. Many people dread the holidays because of the potential weight gain they may experience. Well getting rid of all that “turkey weight” shouldn’t stress you out and cause you to lose sleep. It’s all about pacing yourself and disciple. You can prevent packing on the pounds if you eat smart this holiday season.

Eat before your holiday meal, a few hours before you cut the turkey with the family, eat a light and healthy meal. An apple or a small salad or even a big glass of water, this will fill you up before the heavy meal so you don’t eat as much of the fattening Thanksgiving dinner. Starving yourself the whole day before the big meal will only cause you to eat too much later in the day.

Don’t go overboard with the alcohol. Some holiday party goers think that if they skimp on their holiday meal it’s okay to drink as much beer or wine (or both) as they want. Try not to drink more than 1 alcoholic drink as they usually have anywhere from 150 to 200 calories per serving, as well as sugar and carbs. Alcohol usually has no nutrients in them, so this is merely empty calories that will turn into fat.

Give in to your craving. Go ahead and eat dessert, yes I said eat dessert! But watch your portion size, eating a modest amount of dessert will satisfy your craving for sweets, but just don’t go overboard. If you have a slice of pumpkin pie skip the whipped cream on top, or limit the amount of turkey shaped cookies you consume.

The weekend after the turkey day, get out and exercise!


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