How-to save money Christmas shopping

Christmas is coming up fast, do you have your holiday shopping finished yet? Chances are you don’t, many of us usually wait until the last minute to finish up our Christmas shopping. Well in these hard economic times many haven’t finished shopping because well, money is tighter than it has ever been before. If you shop smart however, buying gifts for your loved ones shouldn’t break the bank.

Here are a few ways to save some cash while Christmas shopping this holiday season.

Shop Online
Instead of standing in long lines and fighting for a parking spot at the mall why not shop from the comfort of your own home? Almost anything you can get in stores you can get online, and sometimes at a significantly cheaper price. If you buy out of state you’ll even save some extra money by not paying sales tax, which seems to be going up all the time. Some online stores are even offering free shipping to entice shoppers to buy online.

Browse the deal sites
There are quite a few coupon and deal sites out there, like or, which post various deals that can be found all over the internet as well as brick and mortar stores. These sites also have an online community of members who post where these deals can be found, if the deal is still active, or if they’ve found a store that has the product cheaper. A quick browse can safe you a good amount of money.

Cash Back deals
The new search engine from Microsoft is trying to attract users with their Bing Cash Back program. Many online stores are already affiliated with, make a purchase on of these stores and you get a percentage of your purchase price back from Bing. Anywhere from 8 to 10% or even more sometimes. While you don’t get the money discounted from your purchase right away, you do get the money back later on. Which can help pay off that credit card bill you amassed during your shopping spree.

the deals are out there, you just have to look.


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