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Road trips are one of the best methods of relieving current stress and getting your mind off all worries; especially when there’s beautiful scenery from every window you peek through.  Recently, I went for a 12 hour drive from Los Angeles, CA to Arcata, CA. The greatest part of this trip was arriving to my destination.  I have yet to discover the many wonders of Mother Nature, but allow me to just emphasize how extraordinary the views of nature are in this part of California.  It is breathtaking. Along with the other highlights of this town, I will drop a couple locations in Arcata you guys could hopefully stop by one day and enjoy!

  • For “A blend of Jewish and Mexican tastes” visit Los Bagels Co (bagel bakery and café)
    • They have the freshest and most flavorful guacamole.
  • For delicious, savory or sweet crepes that will overwhelm you with goodness, visit Renata’s Creperie.
    • They have the biggest mug of hot chocolate you’ve ever been served with heavenly hand whipped cream and lovely interior deco!
  • For a fine time of melting your stress and worries away in a hot tub under the trees, visit Café Mokka.
    • Simply amazing. Cozy café with outdoor Finnish Country hot tubs in the back area. The hot tubs are secluded for your privacy.
  • For locally fresh fruits and veggies, flowers, and live music; visit North Coast Grower’s Association Farmer’s Market.
    • Beautiful people and cool vibes.
  • For the most peaceful adventure and purest oxygen you could ever breathe in, visit the Redwood National Park.
    • Mother Nature at her finest.
  • For waves to gaze and wind in your hair, visit Wedding Rock at Patrick’s Point.
    • A good short hike with a view that’s worth it!

These are just a few perks of Arcata, CA.  I genuinely experienced peace, love, and happiness during my trip here which is why I hands down recommend paying a visit to this wondrous town and checking out the locations listed above.

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