Mobo wishes you a Safe and Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!  Mobo wishes you a fun and safe Halloween.  We even compiled a few reasons on why Mobo fans should ride their cruiser for Halloween this year.  First of all, the coolest part of participating in the Halloween festivities is arguably “costumes”.  As your friends try to outdo others costumes, you can arrive in style with your own amazing costume while riding the Halloween themed Orange Mobo Triton Pro or the Black w/ Orange Flames Mobo Mobito.   One benefit that is often overlooked is the added safety of the Mobo Cruisers, with a safety flag attached to the seat, cars would be able to see you as you continue to hunt down candies.  Most importantly, there is no better way to burn off the calories from all the candies you’ll receive from trick-or-treating!  Here’s another toast to a safe and fun Halloween,  happy trick-or-treating everyone!


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