One for All, All for One

The water needlessly runs down the drain as I pop a toothbrush into my mouth to cease the awful morning breath. Most of us have done it at some point. Though, it’s not only this morning process that affects the well being of our planet. Human activity affects our environment in several ways that can be avoidable. I’m certain many of you are aware of the various methods to take care of Mother Nature, but here’s a reminder:

  • Don’t feed white bread to ducks at the park – This food commonly given to ducks is linked with a wing deformity known as “angel wing”.
  • Compost – Instead of tossing your fruit peels into the trashcan, create a compost heap. Learn the steps on how to properly prepare one and how to make use of your compost.
  • Get your vehicle tuned up – If walking, biking or taking public transportation is not an option; keeping your car properly maintained will allow better gas mileage, thus release fewer pollutants into our air.
  • Don’t carve your lovers name on the tree – Plant one! Trees are friends.
  • Save the bees – If you come across an exhausted little bee, all it needs is a solution of sugar and water (2 tablespoons of white/granulated sugar + 1 tablespoon of h2O on a spoon or plate).
  • Please don’t litter – Always clean up after yourself. Participate in a cleanup organization if possible.

As Leonardo DiCaprio once mentioned, “This is not a partisan debate; it’s a human one. Clean air and water and a livable climate are inalienable human rights. And solving this crisis is not a question of politics. It is our moral obligation.” We’ve learned to survive, grow, and progress on such an extraordinary planet. Mother Nature offers her resources for free; the least we can do is protect her. After all, nature is here for us and we’re here for nature.




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