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Internet and online shopping has become an integral part in everyday lives.  With the ease of ordering products at your fingertips and retailers offering free or low-cost shipping, online shopping has become the modern day way to shop.  Toys, home goods, hygiene products, food, even groceries are readily available for online purchase.

How can you know which product is the best one to purchase without seeing and touching the product in person?  Internet has a surplus of information, and with millions of reviews and voiced opinions on services and products from all over the globe from consumers just like yourself, many rely on those voices to help make online shopping decisions.  A study in January 2016 has shown that 54% of online buyers read online review before making a purchase[1].  Products with many reviews are viewed as trustworthy as one can see a trend of product flaws or benefits as experienced by other consumers firsthand.

Not only are reviews beneficial to consumers, they are crucial for manufacturers as well.  Authentic feedback of the products is a valuable source of insight for the companies that produce the product.  It may tell a story of different uses for a product than the manufacturer had intended or ways that the product can be enhanced and improved[2].

New to product reviews?  Some tips on how to write helpful reviews are:  include information that is relevant to the product; include pros and cons according to your experience; compare to similar products; include pictures of the product in use; and even offer suggestions.  By writing about your own experience, it contributes to the knowledge available for a product and help those reading make a more informed decision on their purchase and provide feedback to the manufacturers. 

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