Roadway Safety and Your Mobo Cruiser

There are many, many ways to make your summer the best ever while enjoying your Mobo Cruiser. However, none of those ways includes riding your Mobo Cruiser in roadways where cars, motorcycles and other large moving vehicles are present.

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to stay out of areas where moving vehicles could turn your best summer ever into the worst. As with riding other types of bicycles and recreational vehicles, such as two wheeled bikes or other types of bikes, a collision with another moving vehicle while riding your Mobo Cruiser is not the best way to top off your summer.

Listen carefully for other vehicles and stay alert regarding your surroundings at all times. Sometimes, cars and other large vehicles are moving in places that you might not suspect, such as driveways, parking lots in odd hours and even on some roadways that weren’t specifically designed for cars, trucks and other large vehicles.

Okay, what would this article be without some great suggestions on where you can ride your Mobo Cruiser without the threat of a collision with other moving vehicles? One of our favorite places to ride a Mobo Cruiser is at the beach on walkways with other bicyclists, joggers or skateboarders. Other public areas that are not accessible to cars and trucks are also great.

Even when your riding in a place that seems very safe, stay alert at all times and avoid and watch out for potential collisions.

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