Summer Vibes

Writing blogs should be easy right? I find myself struggling on what to write, how to write it, or what topic is a fan favorite.  I decided to go back to basic and write what feels natural, what is exciting and something we can relate on.  Two minutes of your time and you’ll leave my blog feeling entertained and maybe slightly more informed.  With that being said! This one is for my gals.

Let’s get to business!

Ladies have you been keeping up with the latest nail designs for the summer? No need to worry as Gina S will always have your back.  As a nail art connoisseur aka nail art expert, I enjoy keeping up with the latest trends and must haves. I know life is crazy! And your social calendar is filling up quick. I’ve made it my duty to list websites with information that may or may not blow your mind.

Have a minute? Check them out!

So Nailicious

Lucy’s Stash

Paulina’s Passions



Gina S

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