Visibility for Safety! Visibility for Fun!

We’ve all heard this before: “I just didn’t see it.” Many bumps, bruises, and other minor or major injuries can be avoided with a little bit of attention to visibility. In terms of bikes and other types of outdoor activities, this visibility factor can include a number of different elements, such as the way your bike looks and the way you dress.

Who said it has to be dark outside to have lights on your bike? At dusk or even in the middle of the day, a few well placed lights on your bike can make all the difference and can add some fun a pizazz to your bike ride. Even if your not riding your bike in close proximity with car, lights on your bike can help you and your loved ones avoid accidents and injuries with other bike riders or with pedestrians.

Adults an children could benefit from wearing more visible clothing and clothing accessories while riding their favorite Mobo bikes. Brighten things up with brighter, more visible colors, or even throw in some creatively applied reflector tape! A brightly colored shirt or hat can make the difference between an enjoyable time outdoors and an unforgettably terrible and painful accident.

Have fun on your next Mobo ride. Brighten things up with highly visible accessories and clothing and you will insure many more amazingly great times with your family, with your friends, with Mobo!

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